The diagnosis of a serious or life-limiting illness can have profound effects on a person, as well as on the person’s surrounding family and friends. Suddenly, life and death can take on important new meanings.

The challenge of facing such a diagnosis involves living with uncertainty while still wanting to maintain meaningful control over whatever may lie ahead. At Salt Spring Hospice Society, we try to help you find a way through the overwhelming emotions and practical realities of coping with this illness. To help reach a level of acceptance that allows you and your loved ones to make the most of whatever time remains.

It’s about living with an illness, rather than dying from an illness.

Some people facing a terminal diagnosis fear that enlisting our help means that death is imminent, that they’re ‘giving up hope’ or that hospice palliative care is only for the very final days or hours of life.

We invite you to contact Salt Spring Hospice Society even before you might need any specific help from us. Many opportunities for comfort and support become available to both you and your family during the weeks or months ahead. You are not alone.

"It's about living with an illness, rather than dying from an illness."

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