Lending Library

A Lending Library is available at the Hospice office for Hospice clients, their families, and community members. The resources include books, CDs, and DVDs, on several topics related to grief and loss, living and coping with serious illness, and information for caregivers.



Adoption Healing, a path for recovering mothers who lost children to adoption, Joe Soll & Karen Buterbaugh

A Death in the Family, Sherri McCarthy
A New Beginning Michael Sabara
Angelfire, Chris Foster
Beginnings, Betty Jane Wylie
Bountyful Healing Larry Mackey OMI
Easing The Passage David E Outerbridge & Alan R. Hersh
Good Grief Lolly Winston
Grief Recovery Handbook John W James & Frank Cherry
Helping Grieving People J.Shep Jeffreys Sylvia Senensk

How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies, Therese A. Rando
I Can’t Stop Crying Rev. John D. Martin
Life After Loss Bob Deits
Living with Grief after Sudden LossKenneth Doka
Shared Knowledge John F. Tomczak
Unattended Sorrow Stephen Levine Kathy Williams


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis An Overview for people with ALS
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Eating, Drinking & Swallowing
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis How Can I Help?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Breathing Strategies
An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party Tom Richards & Stan Tomandl
Anatomy of an Illness Norman Cousins
Beauty Through Yoga Kareen Zebroff
Bits & Pieces, Greenwoods
Breast Cancer Carlton Fredericks
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Mobility Strategies
About Funerals
ALS Strategies for Loving, ALS Society
Coma, A Healing Journey Amy Mindell
Freedom from Pain Norman J. Marcus
Getting Well Again O.Carl SImonton
Home Medical Dictionary
Indian Healing Wolfgang G. Jelek
Inner Focus Gloria Levi & Beryl Ptty
Left for Dead Dick Quinn
Life Extension Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw
Management of Cancer Pain US Public Health
Managing Cancer Pain Romayne Gallagher
Managing Stress Joseph Neidhardt
Opening to Lighten the Way John Sorrell
Pain Erasure Bonnie Prudden
Recovering from a Stroke Jung Ahn & Gary Ferguson
Searching for the Silver Linings X2 Pamela Rosemary Adams
Still Here Ram Dass
Straight from the Heart Ken R. Burton
Stroke Laura Swaffield
The 36 Hour Day, Alzheimers Nancy Mace & Peter Rabins
The Canadian Family Guide to StrokHeeart & Stroke Foundation
The Cure for All Cancer Hulda Regerhr Clark
The Force of Character James Hillman
The Gerson Therapy Charlotte Gersopn & Morton Walker
The Power of Tact Peter Legge
The Road Less Traveled M. Scott Peck
The Ruffian on the Stair Rosemary Dinnage
What you Need to Know About Breast Cancer
When I am an Old Woman I Shall WSeaanrd Prau rHpalelderman
When is it Right to Die Joni Eareckson Tada
Wills for BC, Self-Counsel Steven G. Wong
1-2-3- Lift Fran Caruth & Flora Thompson

DVD’s from Videos

Bill Moyers Healing & the Mind Patr 1-5
Bill Moyers Healing & the Mind Patr 2 & 3
Bill Moyers Healing & the Mind Patr 4 & 5
Bill Moyers On Our Own Terms Part 1-3
Death A Trip of a Lifetime Part 1 & 2
Knowledge Network Parting, I Want to Die at Home
Knowledge Network Facts of Death
Knowledge Network Some Babies Die
Living & Dying, The Human JourneyCastles in the Sand
Living & Dying, The Human JourneyAides Babies
Living & Dying, The Human JourneyAides in Africa
Stephen Levine, Exploration of HealOinng Chronic Illness
Stephen Levine, Exploration of Healing


Animal Angels Stephanie Laland
Caring for your Grieving Child Martha Wakenshaw Suzanne SchroJduelry
It’s OK to Cry H.Norman Wright
Keys to Helping Children deal with DJoeya tJho h&n Gsornief
Lifetimes Bryan Mellonie & Robert Ingpen
My Mommy is Sick Fani Madill
Never too Young to Know Phyllis Rolfe Siolverman Suzanne SchroJduelry
On Children & Death Elizabeth Kubler- Ross
Parents Guide to Teen Suicide Marion Crook
Teenage Suicide Marion Crook
When Hello Means Goodby
Let Me Decide
On Death & Dying
Palliative Care Services Questions & Answers Sacred Dying
Sickness Death & Some Become Flowers
Taking Time
The Complete Hospice The Hospice Alternative
To Die is Gain
Tuesdays With Morrie


A Child’s View of Dying Suzanne SchroJduelry
Aides, Parts 5,6,7.
Aides, The Science Edition Parts 1,2,3,4.
Alzheimer Workshop SSI Irene Barnes
Bill Moyers On Our Own Terms,Buddhist
Bill Moyers With Eyes Open, Jewish
Bill Moyers On Our Own Terms, Part 1,2,3
Nova, Avoiding the Surgeons Knife Parts 1,2,3,4.
The Gifts of Grief Nancee Sobonya
Through th Valley of the Shadow Green Pastures’ NA Indians Sepp Kandler
Through th Valley of the Shadow He Restores My Soul’ India, Seikphp Kandler
Spiritual Needs of the Dying Family Dennis Boyd Workshop
Bill Moyers Healing Of The Mind
Dementia Workshop SSI Irene Barnes
Palliative Care from a Counsellors Elizabeth Causten Part 1 & 2
Dying at Grace, Alan King
Exploration of Healing
Saying Goodbye Parts 1,2,3,4,5
Saying Goodbye, Health Quarterly &Etuhtahnaansaiasia
Someone You Love is Dying How do you Cope
If I Should Die Before I Wake #1 Hospice
If I Should Die Before I Wake #2 What do you Mean Your Dying
If I Should Die Before I Wake #3 Lodged, Refreshed, Cherished
If I Should Die Before I Wake #6 Begin With Endings
Knowledge Network Hospice Series 1,2,3,4
Someone You Love is Dying How do you Cope
Through the Valley of the Shadow and I Shall Dwell’ Chinese Sepp Kandler
Knowledge Network Hospice Series 1,2,3
To Touch a Grieving heart
Walk Me to the Water
Through the Valley of the Shadow Surely Goodness’ Funeral Sepp Kandler
Last Wish
Living With Grief After Sudden Loss
Medicine at the Crossroads Part 5 & 6
Medicine at the Crossroads Part 7 & 8
Someone You Love is Dying How do you Cope
When a Parent Dies Suporting Children
Working Through Your Grief First Memorial


A Caregivers Guide, CHPCA

Choices, Harry von Bommel
Cicely Saunders Shirley Du Boulay
Dying at Home Andrea Sankar
Dying for Care Harry Van Bommel
Dying Well Ira Byock
Facing Death Robert E Kavanaugh
Family Hospice Care Harry van Bommel
Final Gifts X 8 M.Callanan, P.Kelly Linda Quinn
Hospice Parker Rossman Jill McIvor
I Don’t Know What to Say Dr. Robert Buckman
Let Me Decide – Advanced Directive
On Death & Dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Palliative Care Services in Hospitals
Questions & Answers on Death & Dying Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Sacred Dying, Megory Anderson
Sickness Death & Tears Wilma J Avery
Some Become Flowers, Sharon Brown
Taking Time Canadian Cancer Society
The Complete Hospice Guide Robert W. Buckingham
The Hospice Alternative Anne Munley
To Die is Gain Johan Christoph Hampe
Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch Albom
Twelve Weeks in Spring, June Callwood
What Dying People, Want David Kuhl


Basic Massage Christine Sutherland
Joy of Stress Loretta Laroche
Psychosis, Early Intervention & Recovery
Quick Response Team Capital Regional District
The Right to Decide Guide to Advanced Directives
Exercising Your Right to Decide Intro to Advanced Directives1
Death A Trip Of A Lifetime Part 1& 2
Relax Self Hypnosis Program, Steven Gurgevitch