Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?
Volunteers who work directly with clients must be at least 21 years of age, go through an interview and take our training program. They must also pass a police check. Hospice has many volunteer opportunities.

What is a client support volunteer?
A client support volunteer, as the name suggests, works directly with clients – people facing terminal illnesses and their caregivers. A client support volunteer provides emotional, spiritual, practical and grief support at home, in the hospital and in nursing homes. Client support volunteers work in our Mintos Program, One-to-One Visiting, Vigils and Grief & Bereavement Programs.

What skills do I need in order to work with clients?
The most valuable skill a client support volunteer can have is the ability to listen and be non-judgmental.

What kind of training do you offer?
All client support volunteers receive a mandatory Hospice Palliative Care Training course. Training is offered once a year and volunteers receive a certificate upon completion. The training provides information on :

  • understanding death, dying, spirituality, grief and loss issues
  • the Hospice philosophy
  • listening skills
  • pain and symptom management of the terminally ill person
  • the psychological and social issues families deal with in the care of their dying loved ones
  • self care

How much of a commitment do I have to make?
Volunteers are asked to contribute up to 2-4 hours each week in their chosen hospice work. However, long and short-term commitments are possible. Tell us what kind of commitment you feel comfortable with, and we’ll find the right opportunity for you.

May I take vacations or a leave of absence?
Vacations (self care) are encouraged. We appreciate advance notice so that we may plan accordingly.

How many hours am I committed to per week?
Hospice volunteers assigned to a client will volunteer an average of four hours a week. Other volunteers work as required to help complete assigned projects.

Is it possible to volunteer for special events or fundraising efforts only?
Yes please! We host a series of fundraising and special events throughout the year and volunteers are instrumental in their success.

May I volunteer with Hospice if someone close to me has died?
We ask that you wait a year before volunteering in client support. However, you may take on a non-client support volunteer role.

What’s the first step in becoming a volunteer?
Simply call us. We’d be pleased to discuss volunteering with you. We’ll tell you about our next training program. After your training we’ll help you find the volunteer opportunity that suits your needs and availability best.

Not sure or not ready to become a volunteer?
That’s okay. If you want more information before making a decision, or if you are retiring soon and are thinking about how you will spend your time, give us a call anyway, or email us. We’ll keep you informed of Hospice opportunities whenever you are ready to participate.